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Why give food to the poor?

An estimated 26% of edible food is thrown away every year in this country. Meanwhile, people go hungry, eat inadequate meals, and starve. Charleston, SC largely ignores the growing numbers of homeless people sleeping in its streets.

We Act

Because food is a right, not a privilege!
Because there is enough food for everyone to eat!
Because scarcity is a lie!
Because a woman should not have to use her body to get a meal, or to have a place to sleep!
Because when we are hungry or homeless we have the right to get what we need by panning, busking, or squatting!
Because poverty is a form of violence not necessary or natural!
Because capitalism makes food a source of profit not a source of nutrition!
Because food does grow on trees!
Because we need community not control!

What is "Food Not Bombs"?

Charleston Food Not Bombs is one of the many, many Food Not Bombs chapters around the world that serves vegetarian meals to people in need and to support political activism. Because society and government value material wealth over human lives, it tolerates the misery and dehumanization of some for the greater benefit of the few; many of the social problems we currently face are the results of values that privilege the forces of war and violence over human needs. In the face of this moral crisis, Food Not Bombs is committed to building a vital and caring movement for progressive social change and to challenging the invisible barrier that separates the poor and homeless from a so-called "normal" society.

What do we need?


* Bulk Foods

* Cooking Equipment

* Vehicles and Drivers for transport